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មួយណាទៅគូព្រេងខ្ញុំ It Could Be Him (Khmer)
Language  :  Khmer
Subtitle  :  None
Formats  :  2D
Classification  :  G
Running Time  :  95 Minutes
Genre  :  Romance, Comedy
Opening Date  :  28 June 2019
Distributor  :  Sabay MVP
Cast  :  Setthapong Phiangphor, Ruangrit Siripanich, Chonnipha Wisetsood
Director  :  Piyaluck MAHATANASAB
A nurse who recently broke up with her boyfriend is now single and ready to mingle. She is now being approached by two guys who are Best friends. The situation gets more complicated as the two best friend found out that they are going for the same girl. However, there is only one hero in every romantic movies so the two have to fight their way to her heart. The more they gets closer to her, the more she learns about her heart.