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The Secret អាថ៌កំបាំង ខ្មោចស្រីក្នុងមន្ទីរពេទ្យ (Khmer)
Language  :  Khmer
Subtitle  :  None
Formats  :  2D
Classification  :  NC15
Running Time  :  103 Minutes
Genre  :  Horror, Thriller
Opening Date  :  13 May 2019
Distributor  :  Sabay MVP
Cast  :  Nagita Slavina,Lia Waode
Director  :  Raffi Ahmad
Returning from studying in Melbourne, Australia, Kanaya (Nagita Slavina) is surprised to find that her father (Roy Marten) has married a woman, Sofie (Tyas Mirasih), who is the same age as Kanaya. She decides to leave, but soon has an accident that results in being taken to a haunted hospital for treatment. From there, Kanaya begins to be terrorized by Suster Ngesot. With the onset of family conflicts and the terror of Suster Ngesot, Kanaya becomes depressed..