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Sisters ប្អូនស្រីទាយាទអាប (Khmer)
Language  :  Khmer
Subtitle  :  English
Formats  :  2D
Classification  :  NC15
Running Time  :  106 Minutes
Genre  :  Horror, Thriller
Opening Date  :  10 June 2019
Distributor  :  Westec Media Limited
Cast  :  Ploiyukhon Rojanakatanyoo, Nannaphas Loetnamchoetsakun, Rhatha Phongam, Supakorn Kitsuwon
Director  :  Prachya Pinkaew
The story of love and bindings between the two sisters whose destinies are not for them to choose. Each is raised differently and be separated from a young age by some unexplained circumstances. When destiny forced them to live together again, the “elder’ must dedicate her whole life to train in the art of the “Demon Hunters” so she can protect her “younger” sister who is weak and being targeted by the monsters who want to avenge their long time feud with their demon hunting clan. Meanwhile, the